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Godly Play

Godly Play

Godly Play is an environment for preschool children ages 3 & 4 (by September 1st of the current school year).  It is an imaginative place where Bible stories are presented to children through storytelling and play.  Godly Play takes seriously the fact that children are spiritual beings, created and loved by God.

Check-In: 9:15-9:30am: Check your child in at the Godly Play entrance (outdoors adjacent to the Contemporary Sanctuary). Look for the Godly Play banner.  Once your child has been checked in, you will receive 3 labels: 1 for your child, 1 for the attendance book in your child's classroom, and a guardian receipt for you.

Welcome: Each child and parent is greeted at their classroom (Red Door Room) by their door greeter. Kids are welcomed into the circle by their storyteller.

Worship: Shortly after arriving, worship will begin.  Godly Play teaches children how to worship God using age appropriate rituals and traditions - prayer, song and story. Children learn how to take care of God's worship space.

Response:After participating in worship, children are invited to choose their own activity and space in which to work.  Children respond to God through art projects or playing with the story for the day. 

Pick-UP: Please pick your child up promptly when worship ends in the classroom that you checked your child into.  Because ritual is very important in the Godly Play space, we ask that you wait for your child at the door.  The door greeter will bring your child to you.  Help us to keep everyone safe by showing your GUARDIAN RECEIPT to your child's small group leader.

How to Volunteer

Godly Play is looking for volunteers who care about growing faith in kids.  We have two ways for you to volunteer in Godly Play. Click here for the Child/Youth Worker Application.  Please complete fully and return to the Family Ministry Office. 

Godly Play – PK Sunday Morning 

  • Door Greeter/1-2 times per month, 9am-10:45am. Greet & dismiss children with a smile, provide snack, be an extra set of hands in the classroom.
  • Storyteller/1-2 times per month, 9am-10:45am. Tell the Bible story & lead children through the morning.