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April talking points

JIll Hockin

Hey moms! What a great morning we had together. Here are the conversation starters we used this morning. Use these individually or all at once. 

Kids: Something I found cool about Nicki is ________.

Mom: Nicki faces some pretty big challenges every single day. What do you think is the hardest challenge for her?

Kids: (answer) Why is it important for her to not give up?

Mom: (answer) What are some of the challenges you have in your day to day life?

Kids: (answer) What challenges are in your life?

Mom: The challenges in my life are ________. Even when life gets hard, I can keep going by __________. How do you keep going when you’re in a tough situation?

Kids: (answer) Who helps you when you’re having a tough time?

Mom: (answer) I will always be there to help you, and I would like to be there when you’re in a tough time. How could I help you?

Kids: I have a tough time when ________, and I could use your help by __________.