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Jack Stephenson

Dr. John M. (Jack) Stephenson

On Sunday Morning

I prefer “just Jack”.  If you call me Dr. Stephenson or Father, or Reverend I will think we don’t know each other well enough.  I love Church.   I think Church should be both fun and deeply inspiring.   I hope to be spontaneous and at the same time we have planned and coordinated for months ahead so that the music, the message, the medium and the environment all work toward you experiencing God.  My hope for you on Sundays is that the worship experience fills you with the presence, energy, and power of the Holy Spirit so that you go back into your life encouraged.  I hope not to be negative or judgmental.  I plan always to be Scriptural, to know the traditions history and reference works around that scripture, to employ the academics and sciences around the topic, and bring in our experiences as humans so that the message is relevant and applicable to your life.  I want you to be glad you came.


I love academics and see no conflict between science and religion, (I love them both).  I love the people of faith no matter what faith, and am a professor of World Religion (my hobby for decades), teaching college students to respect people from different faith traditions, (and for students with no faith tradition to show how attractive and beautiful faith can be).  I am a post graduate professor and lecturer for Protestant clergy for many denominations at the national level in the areas of Church Health and Leadership.  For those who need academic credentials, I have a Masters and earned Doctorate with research used and applied by the denomination, I am both published and have books that reference my work or have chapters referencing me, and our church is both a recognized laboratory and a teaching church referenced by many denominations.


I am a deeply committed Christian and hope to represent our faith with all my life.  I have been married to Sharon (an early childhood, developmental, and brain science authority and teacher, ((I married WAY above my station)).) for nearly forty years, and  I have two kids, Lisa (Professor of Mathematics)and Matthew (Military Intelligence), who are both married with kids of their own.  My family is my priority.