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Sermon Series

Anona UMC offers sermon videos and audio of our weekly Sunday services.

Easter Sunday - April 21

Erin Padgett

“If a tree falls in the forest…” Does a thing happen if we don’t experience it? What is a sound if we don’t hear it? What is the Resurrection to you that it happened and therefore has impacted you? Things happen in threes. First the event of it happening. “He is Risen”. Then, secondly, emanating from the event is the sound, the light, the telling. “He is Risen”. Third, like a tsunami, the impact. It hits us. “He is Risen”. Has it impacted you that “He is Risen”? Death has been defeated? Like ripples through time the impact comes to us over 2000 years. Has it hit you yet?

Matthew 21:1-10
Dr. John M. Stephenson

Palm Sunday, April 14 - A Taste of the Good Life

Erin Padgett

Ah the Good Life! On what we now call Palm Sunday, the Jewish people were looking for a return to what they thought was the good life. Some of them thought Jesus would bring it. They were about to get a taste of something a bit different than what they expected.

Matthew 21:1-17
Rev. Richard Landon

Sunday, April 7 - Present in the Waiting

Erin Padgett

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” One of the hardest texts in scripture for me. The whole book of Job is hard. Written as a response to “Why do bad things happen to good people”, the book flies in the face of divine providence and justice. Yet the hard questions carry us deeper in faith to a more resilient and durable place. What it challenges is the worldview that we get what we deserve. That karma is. What goes around comes around. What you sow you reap. My prayer for you this Lenten Sunday of communion is the embracing of mystery and faithfulness.

Job 1:21
Dr. John M. Stephenson