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Sermon Series

Sunday, Nov. 25 - The In-Between Space

Erin Padgett

One of the main theories of defining Jesus is based on this scripture. Jesus “emptied himself” to be among us. Sabbath is another great theme of holiness and a day to keep “empty” so that God can fill it. Remembering the Sabbath and keeping it holy isn’t just about a day in the week. It is leaving space for God. It becomes effortless over time as you and God get closer (less space between you and more capacity (emptiness) within you. As we come to the “space between” Thanksgiving and the Christmas Season known in the Church as Advent, I pray that you might find capacity, effortlessness, holiness, and more than enough.

Philippians 2:7
Dr. John M. Stephenson

Sunday, Nov. 18 - Fault versus Responsibility

Erin Padgett

The mystery of Atonement is an apt meditation as we prepare for the Holiday Season. Having tucked away Halloween and cleaned up the aisles in the grocery store of pumpkins and candy, we prepare for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If we can understand Jesus we can understand “Christlike”. It we can get our head around that, the main ambition of the Christian, (to be like Him) can become clear. My prayer for you for the holidays is that being “Christlike” becomes clear to you and doable.

Isaiah 53:5
Dr. John M. Stephenson

Sunday, Nov. 11 - What Can Be?

Erin Padgett

We are often so consumed by our day-to-day life that we fail to notice the long-term trajectory of our life. The thing is, both are important. How we live today impacts our tomorrow, and ours is supposed to be an ongoing upward call. Is our heart’s desire focused only on what is, or is it also focused on what can be?

2 Corinthians 9:6-11
Rev. Richard Landon