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Sermon Series

Anona UMC offers sermon videos and audio of our weekly Sunday services.

Sunday, Sept. 1 - Rest

Erin Padgett

At the end of time, our “labor” will cease but our works will remain. What is the difference? Are work and labor different terms with different meanings in the bible? Yes they are. We have to work every day. It’s work to do anything. But… is that a bad thing? Works remain in Heaven. But rest is eternal. I have a memory of the movie Snow White, a Grimm fairy tale come to life in the 1930’s, a tough time in America. Prosperity ended. Life was hard. Misery was rampant. In that context, Disney’s first fairy tale to be set to a movie showed as a centerpiece the song “Whistle While You Work” (its already in your head now isn’t it?).

Sermon by: Dr. John M. Stephenson
Revelation 14:13