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Sermon Series

Anona UMC offers sermon videos and audio of our weekly Sunday services.

Sunday, June 9 - On Purpose

Erin Padgett

Not all of us are going to become well-known and even fewer of us become famous. That doesn't mean our lives don't matter, and it certainly doesn't mean that our life can't or doesn't make a difference. Each of us can and does make a difference (good or bad). The question is, are we making a good difference on purpose?

Luke 4:16-21 and 19:10
Sermon by: Rev. Richard Landon

Sunday, June 2 - The Lamp and The Light

Erin Padgett

“Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” This is a favorite scripture for me throughout my life. Before the word “Christian”, early Jewish Christians called themselves “The Way”. They felt the journey was as important as the destination. Let’s take communion together and consecrate the summer to the discernment of our “Way”.

Sermon by Pastor Jack Stephenson
Psalm 119:105

Sunday, May 26 - Right or Wrong?

Erin Padgett

What is right or wrong? (What is my witness?) Does what we eat or drink or say or do glorify God? Does it depend on whether someone is looking (hint, yes). Our witness is very much a part of what we do and say glorifying God. Remember, the kids are listening.

Sermon by Pastor Jack Stephenson
1 Corinthians 10:23-31

Sunday, May 19 - In All We Say and Do

Erin Padgett

If we are to glorify God in all things we need the Gifts and Fruit of the Spirit. It becomes what gets us up in the morning, what the French call Raison d’etre or like the cover of this magazine, what the Japanese call Ikigai. My prayer for you is to discover your calling so that what you love, are good at, can support yourself with, and what the world needs can all come together in the joy of your life.

1 Peter 4:11
Dr. John M. Stephenson