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Don't Go There

Sermon Video

Don't Go There

Erin Padgett

Judges 13:1-7; Numbers 6:1-12 

My prayer for you today, especially to fathers, is that the story of Samson doesn’t become your story. So many biblical stories are about imperfect people used by God for great things who are paradoxically their own worst enemies. We have enough enemies. We don’t need to be creating them and we sure want our self on our side. 

Repeatedly, Delila asks what would take away his strength. Then, when he tells her, she does it. Then… she gets mad because he lied and he’s not harmed. Finally, he tells her (third time’s a charm I guess) and she (no surprise) does it and he loses. This isn’t about going with crazy women. It’s about wisdom. 

Dads, Don’t Go There!